Busted! Don’t Believe These Window Covering Myths!

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An eye-catching window covering can enhance your home’s décor and uplift its overall elegance. However, apart from the external features like color and material, choosing a window covering based on aesthetics shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, you also need to look at its quality and durability.

Unfortunately, when you listen to different opinions while shopping for a window covering, you tend to misinterpret the process in identifying the product. As a result, you find yourself committing an expensive mistake by opting for a window covering that doesn’t last very long. 

To help you steer clear of these misconceptions and reap the benefits of an expert’s knowledge, Modern Window Fashion has debunked two of the most widely believed myths about window coverings.

Myth 1: All vinyl shutters are similar
Most people believe that two variations of shutters are the same, which is not true. There is a difference between the quality of materials used to make shutters, especially when it comes to vinyl shutters. The reason why this myth exists is that some salespeople selling low-grade vinyl shutters tell customers that all of these products are the same.

Myth 2: All window covering brands are the same
This is not true! Various window covering brands distinguish themselves through several identifiable features. Low-quality window covering brands sell products that are non-durable and often change color when exposed to sunlight.

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