How Modern Window Fashion Helped A Client Resolve A Window Blind Problem

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Even though window coverings provide privacy, control light, add curb appeal, and offer several other benefits, you may not think of them very often. However, whether you have blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies, every now and then, your window covering needs to be cleaned or repaired. This will help increase the longevity and beauty of your window coverings. 

When it comes to repairing your window coverings, the safest and most practical option is hiring window covering experts. They are knowledgeable and trained professionals who can repair almost any type of window covering. 

As window covering specialists in Brampton, Ontario, we not only provide quality window covering products and services but also help customers find the right solution to their problem. 

We were once approached by a client who was facing a specific issue with his blinds. Some of the cords that were operating the blinds had broken, which left the client with non-functional and dis-oriented blinds. The biggest challenge with resolving a problem like this was that we might have had to take all the blinds down and bring them back to the factory. 

Fortunately, when we visited the client’s property and inspected the blinds, we found that the chords didn’t come through the clutch that operates the shades. This meant we wouldn’t have to remove any of the blinds, and we could resolve the issue at the client’s property itself. After we came up with a solution, we brought our equipment on-site and fused all the broken cords back together, without taking down any of the blinds!

Issues with blinds can often be delicate and complicated, and a layperson will not have the knowledge, skill, expertise, and tools needed to repair the blind accurately. These types of jobs may seem relatively simple and straightforward, but they often require the services of an experienced and qualified window covering company. 

If you’re looking for the best window covering repair/replacement services or need to install the finest quality window covering product to your home or office, reach out to Modern Window Fashion. As a leading window covering company in Ontario, Canada, we provide unmatched customer service and the highest quality residential and commercial window covering products. All our products are Canadian made and come with a warranty! 

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