How Covid Changed The Way We Do Business

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While many changes took place over the last two years, whether with the way people were working on their jobs or companies were structuring their processes, everyone was working on adapting to the changes. We noticed that many people were getting as much as they could remotely or from home because they could not get into the office and work in person. With all these changes and people spending as much time as they were indoors, we noticed that many were working on minor renovations relating to their houses.

While many were uncertain about the changes that were taking place and not investing as much, others wanted to make changes to their homes because they were spending a lot more time there. While some worked on putting together a new office, others were working on minor changes like lights, carpets, and windows.

If we were to predict the changes that would take place in the months to come, we would be able to tell you that they would be very significant. While many changes are taking place, we are adjusting to as many of them as we can. One of the most significant changes was that we were unable to conduct face-to-face meetings with customers as before. While it doesn’t seem like the biggest issue, we could not get through processes because most clients would only pick window shades and blinds after seeing them in person. We were trying to work on online alternatives but they were not as promising.

We even had to change our method of communication with everyone and started getting a lot of it done virtually and remotely. We were now connecting with them through email or phone for as much as we could. Furthermore, we had to work remotely because it was becoming too challenging to get much done in person, especially with the constantly changing rules and restrictions. The changes caused a lot of inconveniences because people could no longer touch and feel the product that we had for them. One of the primary requirements when looking for window fittings is that clients prefer physically feeling them before settling on a need.

We did have people coming into the office on occasion, and we had to make sure that they were following all the restrictions that were put in place at the time. However, we were no longer working the same hours, and we would put in a few hours every day and fewer days during the week. We were getting much done remotely, so we would prefer getting our work done without coming into an office.

While many companies made some changes and started using other platforms like MS teams, Zoom, and so on, we were struggling to get through the process. We would even work on some video calls and con calls using Whatsapp to connect with everyone, and it was easy to workaround. However, we stayed away from virtual meetings because they did not bring in as much to us as we thought that they would.

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